The Bachelor’s Emily Maynard dating NFL bad boy Jeremy Shockey

The Bachelor's Emily Maynard and NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey are reportedly dating

25-year-old Emily Maynard won over the hearts of millions while also winning the heart of The Bachelor Brad Womack on the 15th season of the popular ABC reality series. But, the couple’s happily ever after quickly turned to happily never after after as Brad and Emily struggled to try to make things work before finally calling it quits back in June.

Many thought Emily might elect to become the next Bachelorette, but she decided to step away from the spotlight and Brad Womack finalist Ashley Hebert took the job instead.

Now it seems Emily is once again unafraid of the spotlight as Us Weekly reports she is stepping out with 31-year-old NFL tight end, and infamous bad boy, Jeremy Shockey of the Carolina Panthers!

According to one of Emily’s friends, “They were set up on a blind date.” It was reportedly a mutual friend working for the Panthers who set the couple up, and soon afterward the two grabbed some grub at BLT Steak in Charlotte’s Ritz-Carlton hotel.

“They’ve been out five times,” says Emily’s buddy. But, so far, things aren’t serious. “Emily thinks Jeremy is nice, but she’s just having fun!” I dunno – five dates seems like a lot for “just having fun!”

I have to confess that I haven’t paid too much attention to Jeremy Shockey over the last couple years, but when he was with the University of Miami and the New York Giants, he was a full-on ass and quite proud of it. Brad Womack was a bit of a cheesy doofus, but I’d almost prefer that to a pompous jerk, especially when there is a 6-year-old child involved. (Emily’s daughter Ricki.) But hey, if they’re happy I’m happy right?

Here’s a little ESPN clip on Shockey back when he called NFL head coach Bill Parcells a “homo,” which also includes a few of his other antics from around that time:

*** If you don’t know Emily Maynard’s amazing and tragic story you should really check out our profile post.

Top photos: Emily Maynard (ABC) Jeremy Shockey (WENN)

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