TEEN MOM Matt Baier says he will never marry Amber Portwood


It’s time yet again for another round of Teen Mom OG sneak peeks!

In this installment of previews for the upcoming episode, we’ve got Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen getting hypnotized, Matt Baier losing his mind after Amber Portwood’s brother intervenes on their Vegas wedding plans, and Catelynn Lowell sharing a joyous moment with Tyler’s mom.


In another chapter of arguably the most detailed unhealthy mother/daughter relationship in TV history (this could be a tie with Jenelle/Babs), Farrah and her mom give hypnotherapy a go to see if they can finally get on the same page.

Swole hypnotist Kevin Stone tells a tearful Debs and a massively eyelashed Farrah that he can fix their problems in one day! Stone obviously isn’t a Teen Mom fan y’all:


We drop in at the Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love in Las Vegas as Amber has a phone conversation with her brother Shawn Portwood. She’s asking her brother if she should go ahead and get married in Vegas and then have a ceremony later.

Shawn says it’s not cool while a pensive Baier looks on. When Amber’s done talking with Shawn, she explains to Matt that it’s important that she have her family, and especially daughter Leah, with her when they wed.

Matt seems somewhat understanding with Amber…but is seen moments later telling a producer that he will “not marry her now, ever.”

He then calls Shawn a “fu**ing fa**ot” and says that Amber wants to marry her brother and not him. He’s inconsolable as he realizes that Amber has embarrassed him on TV.


Catelynn enjoys a nice meal with Tyler’s mom. And, as she’s talking about her future business plans, she gives Kim a handmade gift. Kim’s super appreciative, and also expresses that she sometimes worries she gets on their nerves.