Does Tamra Judge support Josh Duggar? The reality star threatens to sue over false headlines

Tamra vs Josh

Most people have criticized the Duggars after news surfaced that Josh was accused of molestation as a teenager. However, at least one well-known figure, Mike Huckabee, has stepped out in support. And, if you believe Radar Online, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney does as well.

Radar Online reported on a Facebook status Tamra posted which said, “I don’t know the whole story and I know the press likes to blow things up. My question is…did someone do this to him? Is he a victim as well? Just a thought…”

Radar Story

The website used her to post to claim that Tamra is “speaking out in support of alleged child molester Josh Duggar, and fans are furious!” They even posed a question to readers saying, “Do you think that Tamra was right to defend Duggar?”

Radar vs Tamra

After publishing the post, it wasn’t just readers who were furious. Tamra’s claws came out, and she is fighting back against the media outlet. She claims they flat-out lied to make it sounds like she is in support of a child molester.

Tamra's Response

Dear Radar online, YOU ARE TRASH! I honestly hate to give you the attention that YOU so desperately need. But some things need to be said. Last year you wrote so many hurtful lies about my life and my children that I thought about suing you but didn’t have the energy to go through with it. Today you report that I am supporting a child molester which is absolutely SICK and NOT TRUE! I NEVER SAID THAT. I know that your beef with me is personal and I know you continue to publicly attack me because you are friends with someone from my past. I WONT PUT UP WITH IT. YOU CAN PUT ME ON THAT LIST OF PEOPLE THAT ARE SUING YOU NOW!

As Tamra mentioned, this isn’t the first time she has had issues with this media outlet.

Say what you will about Tamra but she isn’t a supporter of child molesters. With four children of her own and a new granddaughter, it’s clear that Tamra is a fierce mama bear. Kudos to Tamra for standing up for herself and taking matters into her own hands!