SOUTHERN CHARM Inside Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul’s friendship

Two Southern Charm beauties have been spending a lot of time together.

After years of a having a professional relationship, Madison LeCroy and Queen of Charleston Patricia Altschul have seemingly become best of friends.


If you don’t hear Austen Kroll’s panicked shriek when you read “Madison!!!!!” are you really a Southern Charm fan?

Joining the cast in 2018, Madison has been a controversial figure since she began as a “friend of” in season six. Madison LeCroy forged her way on to the Bravo series and now she has her own story to tell.

No longer just Kroll’s ex, LeCroy has her own storylines, and as it turns out, many are with bestie Patricia Altschul!

Miss Patricia

Socialite Patricia Altschul, 81, has been the Matriarch of Southern Charm since episode one. In fact, Altschul’s son Whitney is credited for creating the series and convincing his famous mom to participate.

One of the members of the series’ “Millionaire’s Club,” Patricia Altshul’s net worth is an estimated 100 million dollars.

Southern Charm Millionaire’s Club: How rich are they and how’d they get their money?

Charmers know, either you’re in with ‘Miss Patricia’ or you aren’t… while Madison first worked with the star cutting her hair for years, Austen Kroll’s blonde bombshell ex and Altshul have seemingly become the best of friends outside of the salon.

Madison and Patricia BFF

Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altshul have been seen all over Charleston together lately.

Posting photos and videos of their nights out, it looks like both of them are happy to let to world know about their new found best friendship.

Here, Madison makes reference to her ability to out drink Patricia sayingNo more chambongs for me” – @pataltschul 🤣 speak for yourself

The two make even make videos together. Looks like Madison is really bringing Miss Patricia into the 21st Century!

Most recently the duo was at Halls Chophouse, joined by Whitney Sudder-Smith and LeCroy’s new husband Brett Randle.

The cast for Southern Charm season nine has been announced and Madison LeCroy has cemented her place at the front as a permanent cast member.

We can’t wait to see her interactions with Patricia, as the show is set to return in 2023.

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