Drunk ex-lawyer mows down pedestrians in New York City

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A former New York City attorney has been charged with driving while intoxicated, assault, and drug possession, after driving her car through a store window and seriously injuring five pedestrians trying to extract herself.

Stella Mednik, 34, crashed her Ford Mustang into the Forever 21 store on Herald Square in Manhattan after rear-ending an SUV. Mednik put her car into reverse and backed up onto the sidewalk and into the building, knocking into several passers-by and dragging one of them into the store beneath her car.

According to witness Matty Thomas, Mednik


must have freaked out. She backed up, took off, went around on the other side of the street, went through the intersection, skidded out, and fishtailed then fishtailed again the other way, and smacked into all the cars waiting at the light. She cut across, she jumped the curb and literally five bodies went flying in the air.


All five of the injured pedestrians–as well as Mednik herself and her passenger–are expected to recover.

In case you were wondering, the charge of drug possession came after the arresting officer found multiple crack pipes in the car.


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According to her LinkedIn profile, Mednik is a self-employed legal consultant at Mednik Consulting LLC. Inquisitr reports that her license to practice law has been suspended–since before the drunk driving incident–for “misplaced funds accusations.” And, according to the NBC New York report, Mednik was driving on a suspended license.

In her own words, Mednik’s


aim in life is to help people get out of situations that feel that they have no way out. I take pride in working with immigrants of all counties as I am in the legal consulting business. I had to travel that difficult route as a child, and if I could lighten the strain of the immigration process for every immigration family I would… Having said, that I maybe a sarcastic bitch on this site but i Love people and get them results.


Her blood-alcohol content was .18%, or over twice the New York state limit of .08%. Mednik’s bail has been set at $30,000.


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