“Shia LaBeouf Hangs Out At Tower Urology” – Lame Photo of the Day 12-18-09

Shia LaBeouf puffs on a cigarette at Tower Urology clinic

Shi LaBeouf has set a new World Record by taking home “Lame Photo of the Day” two days in a row! What are the odds of that?!?! Yesterday I featured Shia shopping for craft supplies and today we have him smoking a cigarette outside of Tower Urology! Perhaps he got a little drunk last night and gulped down a bunch of crayola paints and woke up this morning peeing purple?

Hmmmm…maybe he has a stalker disguised as a paparazzo? What can we expect tomorrow? “Shia LaBeouf breaths air while heart pumps?”

Anyhoo – I sometimes include the deets from the photo agency if they’re humorous, and these are certainly humorous. Here’s how Fame pictures described the photo:

Shia LaBeouf Hangs Out At Tower Urology?

Shia LaBeouf enjoyed a smoke outside of Tower Urology in West Hollywood, California on December 18, 2009. What could the young star be doing in front of the urinary tract medical building?

Shia LaBeouf

injury, cigarette, smoking, full length

RIV/Fame Pictures
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