“Lady GaGa Hanging Out On The Balcony” – Lame Photo of the Day 01-01-10

We're told that's Lady Gaga ona hotel balcony in Miami

Is that Lady Gaga up there or Sally Struthers?

That my friends is the kind of question inspired by a truly lame photo! Another fitting caption might be, “From down here she looks just like an ant.” Ahhhh… a splendorific way to kick off a lame 2010!

Here’s all the info from Flynet, including the full title:

Lady GaGa Hanging Out On The Balcony Of Her Hotel Room In Miami

12-31-09 Miami, FL Lady GaGa has a commanding view of the Fontainbleau from her penthouse suite in Miami. She approached the balcony and guests below were fawning over her as she waved like the queen of the Hotel….

Photo: Crockett/Tubbs (Love me some Crocket/Tubbs! Check out their work when the person they’re photographing is within a mile of the camera HERE. Nice!)
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