Shayne Lamas in coma, loses baby


Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter, Shayne Lamas, has just lost her baby due to a complication from her pregnancy and is currently in a coma, according to TMZ.

Shayne was The Bachelor season 12 winner and is married to The Dirty’s Nik Richie. Shayne was 16-weeks along with the couple’s 2nd child.

Sunday evening paramedics were rushed to Nik and Shayne’s Orange County, California home after Shayne collapsed. She was then taken to a hospital.

When Shayne got to the hospital doctors discovered that she was in a dire situation, bleeding internally around her uterus. Unsure of what was happening, specialist were called in to try to figure out what was wrong.

During surgery, Shayne lost her baby. Sources told TMZ that Shayne Lamas is currently in a coma and not breathing on her own but doctors are optimistic about her recovery.

There are now statements from both Lorenzo and Nik:

Lorenzo told People – “We are so grateful that my daughter, Shayne Lamas-Richie, is conscious and stable. She is not in a coma, however she did miscarry the child she was carrying.”

Nik told TMZ – “Shayne had a life-saving emergency surgery. She is on a ventilator system and is in a sedation-induced coma. Her vital signs are now currently stable.”

Both Nik and her famous father, Lorenzo, are by her side.

This is Nik’s last tweet:

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