Roberston engagement update: check out the bling plus Sadie Robertson as a bridesmaid

Sadie, Mary Kate, and John Luke

Not only is Mary Kate McEacharn the young fiancée of John Luke Robertson, she also happens to be best friends with his little sis Sadie.

As of lately, 17-year-old Sadie has been busy killing it as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars but was excited to join her family in helping celebrate John Luke’s recent engagement.

Sadie shared with Us Weekly that she was in on the proposal all along. “I knew like two weeks before. It was really hard for me to keep it from her since we are best friends.”

Sadie claims her dancing partner nearly wrecked the surprise saying, “Mark [Ballas] almost ruined it!”

Mark revealed, “John Luke came in [with Mary Kate] and I was like, ‘Hey buddy! I heard…’ I was literally about to say, ‘I heard you’re going to have a big day soon,’ and as I was saying it, someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and forgot my thought.”

Mark isn’t the only one revealing things these days. Mary Kate took to her Instagram account to show off her bling with the caption:

Mary Kate E Ring

“I’ve had a lot of people asking, sooo…here it is! JL did an awesome job”

The ring, which has a round cut center stone and is surrounded by diamonds on all sides, has a bit of a vintage vibe. Not too shabby especially for the pair who are still in their teens.

So what does Sadie think of having her BFF Mary Kate join the table for Thanksgiving dinner as an official member of the Robertson clan? “[Mary Kate’s] been my best friend for a long time, so it’s going to be so awesome to have her as part of the family — she’s going to be a Robertson!”

Mary Kate and Sadie

When the topic of the wedding party came up, the Duck Dynasty star was enthusiastic about participating in the event, “Of course [I’ll be a bridesmaid]! It’s my brother and my best friend! I have to!” Sadie said of the upcoming nuptiuals which are scheduled for June 2015.

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