Rihanna has a crush on Megan Fox!


Rihanna wants to do a blockbuster action movie, preferably about lesbian assassins, and she wants none other than Foxy Megan to be her co-star. Describing Megan Fox, Rihanna told the British tabloid Daily Star, “She’s yummy. She’s hot.”

These two girls are definitely some of the prettiest, hottest celebrities around right now. Talent is another story, but when you need some eye candy (or jerk-off material) Rihanna and Megan Fox are always there to meet your needs. Can you imagine that movie? I’m thinking Wild Things with catsuits and guns. Angelina is probably fuming over this! She’s been passed over for Megan Fox in Rihanna’s fantasy of a lesbian assassin movie. That’s gotta sting!

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