Rihanna drops $23,000 a week to maintain her mane

Rihanna drops $23,000 a week for her hair

Now we know the real reason pop superstar Rihanna is so worried about standing under umbrellas. The Daily Mail is reporting that the official Barbados ambassador of bodacious hot-ass-some-more drops $23,000 a week to maintain her mane.

Two self-evident truths immediately come to light, Rihanna’s hair is consistently a headline maker for a reason and Ri-Ri’s stylist to the stars Ursula Stephen ain’t hurting for bank. According to the source for Daily Rihanna, her hair and Stephen are tight and hang out together all the time.

Before you start giving grief to Miss Rihanna let it be known that keeping her hair guru on staff and available 24/7 is covered by her management. Since she wowed fans by going red back in November she has changed her hair style at least 13 times.

Just in case you’re wondering what this massive investment gets you here’s a master class video put together to introduce us to and show some of Ursula’s skills. It’s pretty great stuff on a self-made sister!

“You can make a hell of a lot of money doing what I do.” – Ursula Stephen

Top Photo: Alex Broadway/WENN.com

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