PHOTOS BIOS The Situation’s twin girlfriends Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos?

Jersey Shore's Mike The Situation Sorrentino with twins Eric and Brittany Taltos

Many folks were wondering whether or not the boys of Jersey Shore and their Guido style would be hit with the Florentine bellas, but as it turns out the question was moot! As our resident reporter Ruby Turpin revealed in her expose on the not often publicized tourist party life in Florence, there are plenty of young American girls all too familiar with and enamored by the GTL lifestyle to keep the boys occupied!

Nowhere was that more apparent than with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who has been photographed gallivanting around the streets of Florence with a young sexy American blond under each arm! And if you’re wondering why those two luscious scoops of vanilla look so similar it’s because they’re twins. Meet sisters Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos originally from Lake Mary, Florida and currently students at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

UPDATE – Just a few episodes into Season 3 and the Taltos twins have pretty much hooked up with The Situation, Vinny, and Deena! Just remember that this post was written months before…

The Situation's rumored new girlfriends are twins Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos
^ Twin sisters Erica Taltos (left) and Brittany Taltos enjoy ices cream in Florence

Let’s start off with what the sisters have in common, in addition to their good looks and apparent affinity for wearing really short denim cut-offs and having a great time. The sisters are 21 years old and were both long-distance runners for Lake Mary High School, from which they both graduated in 2008. Their mom and dad are Tani Taltos and Zoltan Tantos (now split up) and they share an older brother named Nicholas.

Erica Taltos was able to earn a walk-on spot on the University of Florida cross-country team and has a number of running photos on various internet sites. (You can see her UF profile HERE and a great photo of Erica on her way to winning the women’s division of the OUC Half Marathon in 2009 with a time of 1:24:07 HERE.)

Erica Taltos (left) and her twin sister Brittany Taltos are reportedly seeing The Situation

The Orlando Sentinel lists Erica Taltos’ major as advertising in 2009 but her Facebook profile currently reads “Studying Psychology at University of Florida.” (Brittany is an advertising major so it could be that The Sentinel got them mixed up, or perhaps Erica changed majors.)

To help pay the bills and perhaps save up for her trip to Florence, Erica Taltos worked as a hostess for Bj’s Resaurant and Brewhouse in Gainesville.

According to her profile in the UF cross country media guide Erica “also enjoys drawing, painting and cooking,” is “interested in interior design” and “chose Florida for the beautiful campus and excellent academics.” (Perhaps that’s why she chose Florence as well!)

Mike Sorrentino's friends and twin sisters Erica Taltos and Britney Taltos playing around

There isn’t quite as much information available on Brittany Taltos. As I mentioned she is also a long-distance runner but apparently has not pursued it on the collegiate level. She wrote on a Tumblr blog late in 2009 that she is an Advertising major with a minor in Mass Communications.

In what will probably be a bit of an embarrassment for Brittany, I discovered that she is also a published poet! As a sixth grader at Greenwood Lakes Middle School she had a poem published in the anthology A Celebration of Young Poets.

University of Florida Twins Erica and Brittany Taltos with Jersey Shore's The Situation

The Situation has seemingly spent a great deal of his time with the Gator twins so I have to assume they will be featured prominently in Season 4 of Jersey Shore, which is something the girls apparently have no aversion to. According to the photographer who took these photos of Brittany and Erica, “The pair are hotly tipped for a career in showbiz, and are hoping to get their own reality TV show.”

I’ve always been greatly entertained by The Situation but I can;t say that I’ve ever necessarily been jealous of him in any capacity. But I am a red blooded heterosexual American and it’s hard to argue with being in a menage a smoosh sandwich with two very attractive blond co-eds with stamina enoguh to be long distance runners! And in Florence too? I yield to the undeniable living Axe Body Spray commercial that is The Situation!

Jersey Shore's The Situation kisses on of the Taltos twin sisters

***It should be noted that we have no idea what goes on behind the really, really old closed doors of the Jersey Shore cast’s apartment – at least not until the new season airs. So any rumored DTFing is just that at this point – a rumor. That being said, we do know the Taltos twins were Down To Gelato with The Sitch and eating gelato at a sidewalk cafe in Florence Italy with two lovely young girls is still pretty high in my envy book!

Erica and Brittany Taltos lunch with Jersey Shore's Mike The Situation Sorrentino

For those of you wanting a larger image of the Taltos babes, here’s one of them gettin’ jiggy on the streets of Florence. (Be careful though, if you look too closely this one might not qualify as SFW.)

Twins Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos dance for the cameras in Florence Italy

And one last parting shot of the fun-loving twins…

University of Florida twins and rumored girlfriends of The Situation Brittany and Erica Taltos

***It should be noted that the Taltos twins aren’t the only girl duo The Situation has been seen with. CLICK HERE (scroll down to the bottom) to see another menage a Sitch with two other ladies!

Photos: Mario & Luigi / (unless otherwise credited)

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