RHONY: Is Ramona Singer’s husband Mario cheating on her?

Real Housewives Mario cheating on Ramona

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New York: The Moroccan Trilogy Part 1 a fortune teller tells Ramona that she “sees another woman” in her husband’s life.

The other women naturally take this to mean that Mario is cheating on Ramona, and footage of an upcoming episode shows a tearful Sonja ask Ramona to consider that her husband might leave after their daughter grows up. The editors give us an interview with Jill Zarin speculating that maybe Sonja knew something that Ramona didn’t know.

Right after, on Watch What Happens: Live Ramona says she doesn’t pay attention to what fortune tellers say. She tells host Andy Cohen, “I never take it to heart. I know what I have.” When Andy mentioned that the other women seemed freaked, Ramona replied “Isn’t is funny how certain women love all the negative things that happen in your life, and they just jump right on it?” When pressed further by co-guest Willie Guist, she instructed him to tune into next week’s episode

UPDATE: An inebriated Sonja was transported back to her own divorce when she heard the fortune teller mention another woman who was not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Jill was caught gossiping on camera that she heard Mario was cheating.

What do you think, does Mario really have “another woman?” Or will he in the near or distant future? At this point there’s really no reason to think so.

Something else we learned from the fortune teller that is definitely true is that Kelly Bensimon wants another baby! She already has two girls with ex-husband Gilles Bensimon, and she’s itching for another. The fortune teller said she saw three children. (My guess is that she just got confused and actually just saw Kelly’s two girls and… Kelly!)


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