RHOA: Mama Joyce reveals health issue while discussing boyfriend Benny with Kandi


When Kandi Burress found out her mother’s boyfriend Benny had ripped all the bathrooms out of her old house without asking her first, she wasn’t happy. (It turns out there are some other issues between Kandi and Mama Joyce, earlier this year Joyce said she offered money for photos of a lady sitting on Kandi’s husband Todd’s lap.) In a preview clip for tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and Mama Joyce have a heart-to-heart where Mama Joyce reveals she’s dealing with a serious health problem.

Kandi: “So what’s up mom?” Kandi asks.

Mama Joyce: “Nothing. You have the problem.”

Nandi: “Yea, I do have a problem with the house, but I when I wanted to talk to you about it you texted me back cursing me out.”

Mama Joyce: “I did not curse you out.”

Kandi: “Really mom? Did I tell you what you said to me,” Kandi said as she started to read the text out loud. “‘Kandi what have Benny done to you? All he ever done was try to help you and you making him look bad. This person you’ve become I don’t even know. You need Jesus.’ I need Jesus? And then you write back, ‘At least I didn’t say go to hell.'”

Kandi (in interview): “Benny’s a nice guy, but Todd hasn’t done anything close to the things that my mother’s boyfriend has done.”

Nandi (to Mama Joyce): “Why would he do that? Why would he tear out all those bathrooms. I didn’t say anything more than that, and after that that’s when you started going off on the text messages.”

Mama Joyce: “Kandi, I’m taking medicine keeping me from getting aneurysms. So I’m trying to keep from getting upset, ’cause I am so tired of it,” Mama Joyce said. “I’m tired of arguing. I’m tired of going through this. I just want it fixed.”

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