REPORT Todd Chrisley’s talk show is ‘so bad’ that USA ‘did not want to pick it up’

Todd Chrisley Talk show canceled?

It appears that reality star Todd Chrisley may know best when it comes to reality shows, but not so much when it comes to talk shows. We first reported more than two years ago that the charismatic patriarch had landed a pilot deal for his own talk show with Chrisley Knows Best network USA, but according to a new report, the end result was not good. Not good at all.

“They filmed a bunch of episodes, but the final product was so bad that the USA network did not want to pick it up,” an insider tells Radar Online.

As you might expect, the bad news did not sit well with Todd, and he is reportedly trying everything in his power to salvage the project. “So, Todd hired a team of comedy writers in Los Angeles to help save the show. They are currently in the process of redoing it, and Todd refuses to let it go. He is trying so hard to make this happen.”

With someone like Todd Chrisley, it’s his personality that is either going to carry the show or not carry the show. If the concept didn’t work based on that, then I doubt bringing in a team of comedy writers is going to help anything. Perhaps we will know for sure in another couple years.

Todd Chrisley talk show

Todd joins a long line of reality stars who found it difficult to translate their reality show fame into talk show success. Other HUGE names who have attempted the leap include Bethenny Frankel and Kris Jenner.

So which reality star do you think could actually pull off his or her own talk show? I pondered that question assuming I could come up with a suggestion rather quickly, but I found it surprisingly difficult. Most of the reality star personalities that I love to watch wouldn’t translate well to one-on-one conversations with people on a daily basis. And any sort of novelty (like a Farrah Abraham talk show) would probably wear off after a few episodes.

The best person I could think of with a real shot is Richard Rawlings from Fast ‘N’ Loud. The show would probably need to have a masculine-ish theme to it, but I believe Richard could handle just about anything pretty well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch “Muscle Carpool Karaoke” with Richard? 😉

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