Real Housewives of OC: Tamra Barney and Jeana Keough fight over interview

Former OC Real Housewife and recent Jackie Warner’s Thintervention cast member Jeana Keough was served with cease and desist papers by Tamra Barney at the wrap party of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Or rather, she was almost served papers, because a source tells Radar Online that Jeanna refused them and told Tamra “Jeana said to Tamra, ‘Youre’ a b*tch and I’m gonna throw you’re a** in the pool,’ and then physically pushed Tamra into another party goer.

Tamra was reportedly upset because Jeana is friends with her ex-husband Simon Barney, and was giving interviews using what Tamra says is misinformation about the recent domestic violence incident involving the pair.

In late September (during filming) Simon was arrested for throwing a dog leash at Tamra, and Tamara claimed that she has suffered from physical abuse from Simon for years.

Jeana, who occasionally goes on double dinner dates with Simon, dished to Radar Online very recently that she believed Simon had never hit, or “whacked” Tamra:

“No, not [for] a second. I’ve only seen her whack him. I’ve never ever seen him do anything but try to protect her and say ‘you’ve had enough to drink’ or ‘your dress is a little short.’ But no. He’s a great guy.”

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