RHOC alum Jeana Keough cast for Bravo’s ‘Thintervention’

Bravo has announced a new reality fitness show Thintervention that will follow inspirational Los Angeles trainer Jackie Warner around as she helps eight overweight clients attain their weight loss goals by any means necessary such as catching them in their most vulnerable moments like while out dining or at home in the kitchen.

One of the eight cast members to get the Jackie Warner treatment is Bravo Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough.  Jeana was an original cast member of OC and lasted up to the 5th season in which she appeared in three episodes.  Before her OC run she also made appearances on TV classics such as Cheers, The A-Team and St. Elsewhere.  In addition to her TV credits she played a Vestal Virgin in Mel Brook’s movie History of the World Part 1.

Jeana has a showing some skin history too.  She graced the pages of Playboy back in 1980 as Playmate of the Month for November.  In addition to bearing all for Hef one of Jeana’s most memorable 80’s highlights is being one of the three muses in the extremely popular ZZ Top music videos for “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Give Me All Your Loving” and “Sleeping Bag.”

You just don’t get more 80’s street-cred hot than being one of the ZZ Top video chicks.  So will Jackie Warner be able to get Jeana’s legs back in shape to drive all those sharp dressed L.A. men crazy forcing them to give her all their loving?  For Jeana’s sake I hope so but if it doesn’t happen she gets a forever hot momma pass from me for her ZZ Toperfection!

Just because I can and because you want me to here is another Jeana ZZ shot, or should I say double-shot, from back when she went by her maiden name Tomasino:

Along with Jeana the other seven cast members are:

Stacy Citron (23) Los Angeles, CA – Weight loss goal: 50 pounds
Bryan Donavan (36) Los Angeles, CA – Weight loss goal: 60 pounds
Mandy Ellen (48) Calabasas, CA – Weight loss goal: 30 pounds
Joe Moller (35) Los Angeles, CA – Weight loss goal: 40 pounds
Kim Smith (47) Valencia, CA – Weight loss goal: 30 pounds
Shannon “Shay” Smith (23) Valencia, CA – Weight loss goal: 50 pounds
Nikki Wood (39) Los Angeles, CA – Weight loss goal: 50 pounds

Here is a cast preview video for Jeana courtesy of the show’s official page:

“I want to walk away with a ripped body in a thong.  I want front and back to be Playboy quality” – Jeana Keough

Thintervention is set to premiere September 6th at 10PM EST.