Pregnant Chelsea DeBoer shares new baby bump photo, remains 99% drama free

Chelsea Houska DeBoer pregnant baby bump photo 25 weeks May 2018

Drama-averse Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer is still managing to make headlines thanks to her growing baby bump. Chelsea is currently 25 weeks pregnant, and she took to Instagram on Sunday to update fans on how her bun in the oven is coming along with a new photo and a new funny t-shirt.

As you can see in the picture (above), Chelsea has eschewed her “Drama Is For Nerds” shirt (which Cole actually made for everyone at the recent Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping in New York City) in favor of one that warns: “Don’t Eat Watermelon seeds.”

When the Teen Mom franchise started as 16 and Pregnant, avoiding unwanted pregnancies was a major theme and mission statement, so it’s good to see that Chelsea is sticking with that! 😉

Some previous baby bump pics from our last Chelsea pregnancy update:

Teen Mom 2 pregnant Chelsea Houska DeBoer baby bump photos 2018

You may be wondering what the 1% drama might be, as implied in this post’s title. Could it be that Briana DeJesus is now dating Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind? Did Chelsea have a complete meltdown at the Reunion and wind up getting into a hair-pulling brawl with Leah Messer? Nah. The temperatures in South Dakota warmed up and the DeBoer’s air conditioner broke. Crazy, right? MTV needs to end this show already!

UPDATE – I guess it’s more like 3% as Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind was arrested yet again just hours after this post was published.

As we often do with Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 drama, we’ve put together a full recap of Chelsea’s AC drama, which includes a scandalous scene involving Cole busting in on Chelsea in her unmentionables, a bombshell vacation cancellation, and Chelsea’s fans BLASTING her!

CHELSEA: It’s gonna be a hot ass weekend…good thing our air conditioning ISNT WORKING ????

CHELSEA: They can’t come till next week ?? my ass might be enjoying a hotel this weekend haha

TWEETER: Totally unacceptable with you being pregnant and having young children! I’d call someone else. You could need a part and it could then be even longer before you’re straight!

CHELSEA: We already had someone out, ours is really old and shot so we need a whole new one. Installing next week

CHELSEA: Sometimes Im productive with my time…and then there’s times like tonight….where I waste 30 mins watching a horse chiropractor crack a horses back on YouTube. ??‍♀️

TWEETER: You are not ? Please tell me Cole came home to you lounging in your undies & sports bra, fans blasting on you, while watching a horse chiro!

CHELSEA: That’s exactly what he came home to ???

CHELSEA: Another good YouTube time waster: Kangeroo Birth …..ITS SO INTERESTING

CHELSEA: Had to cancel our little family vaca to Cocoa Beach that was happening in 2 weeks ??…just gonna have to ride out the rest of this pregnancy here in South Dakota and plan something for when we are a party of FIVE

CHELSEA: Shoutout to my dad @PapaRandlicious for letting us borrow his portable AC unit….sitting in my house wearing a sweatshirt for the first time in a few days ????????

I don’t know how Cole handles all the craziness and chaos! Hopefully MTV cameras were there to capture it all. Without a doubt, a pregnant Chelsea sweating in a hot house with a broken air conditioner watching horse chiropractor videos on YouTube in her underwear with a bunch of fans blowing on her could be one of the realest and most relatable scenes in reality television history! Of course, it might merit the dreaded sit down intervention with executive producer Morgan Freeman, who would be forced to redeliver his Farrah speech:

This was a conversation that happened above me and without me, and has been given to me to come bring to you. It’s basically a decision that we’re asking you. You have had, like, this critical role from 16 and Pregnant all the way through this. And no one’s saying that you can’t do any of this stuff. It’s just, if you’re gonna go down that path, we can’t keep shooting this path.

To Morgan’s credit, being pregnant and sweaty in your underwear watching horse chiropractor videos is a dangerous path to go down. Once you start down that path, there is a chance you won’t come back, and I’m not sure it’s something the show doesn’t want to promote.

Ummmm… You have my insincere apologies for the silliness of this post.

Once again – congratulations to Chelsea and Cole, and I look forward to meeting the newest addition to the DeBoer family in a few months! Hopefully, the air conditioner will be fixed by then.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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