PHOTOS Willow Smith is 13 going on 30

Talk about 13 going on 30! Willow Smith looked much more mature than her 13 years during Christian Combs’ Sweet 16 party last weekend.

Wearing a stylish blue jumpsuit, gold choker, dark red lipstick and cat-eyed eyeliner, the “Whip My Hair” singer was basically cool personified. I mean, look at this pose!

Now compare the look to the one Willow was sporting during a pre-Grammy luncheon last January… Just more than two months ago.

Willow Smith January 2014

Of course, you could argue that Willow’s new style is a bit too bold for a 13-year-old… Just like people argued that “Whip My Hair” was too provocative for a 9-year-old. But, in this case, she was a teenager at another teenager’s birthday party. Dressing up is what you do at that age.

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