PHOTOS, VIDEO – Who is The Real L Word’s Whitney Mixter dating?

Whitnet Mixter on the Real L Word

Playa’ Whitney Mixter is mixin’ it up again on Season 2 of Showtime’s The Real L Word, and she’s the only original full-time cast mate to come back. (Romi is also back, but she was considered to be in a supporting role last season.)

And boy girl, nothing has changed with Whitney. In her promo video she mentions three different girls! She brings sexy Sara Beddencourt who she’s been hooking up with for years, and has thrown her for a loop because “they’re both used to having the uperhand.” In the previews with see a clip of the usually noncommittal Whitney telling Sara that she “gets under her soul.”

UPDATE: Whitney proposed to Sara in Season 3 (airing summer 2012,) and we get to watch them tell their parents and plan their wedding!

A picture of “Sara” (still no confirmation on how that’s spelled):

Sara again, from the back:

Whitney also mentions three other women complicating her life: Romi, who she once hooked up with, but no longer does, a new girl named Jack, and her ex-girlfriend Rachel. Whitney’s got 99 problems, and they’re all bitches.

Here are so promo videos:

The first season was a regular snooze-fest, as if the fact that they made a reality show about lesbians should be enough to keep the viewers interested. Maybe it has a chance to be compelling with a whole new cast. The Real L Word is produced by Ilene Chaiken, who created, wrote for, and produced the popular fictional Showtime show The L Word. It was a juicy-soap type scripted frolic that trailblazer for lesbians in popular culture.

The Real L Wrod airs Sunday nights on Showtime @ 10 pm EST, starting tonight.