PHOTOS BIO Tamra Judge’s son Ryan Vieth’s fiancee Sarah Rodriguez

Tamra Judge and her future daughter-in-law Sarah Rodriguez

Things sure are going great for The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Judge! In addition to getting married to her big-hearted stud muffin Eddie Judge (on her own Bravo spin-off no less) and opening their successful gym, C.U.T. Fitness, Tamra is also going to soon have a new daughter! Actually, a daughter-in-law, as Tamra announced earlier today that her son, Ryan Vieth, is engaged!

Tamra broke the news on Facebook, Twitter and instagram with the photo above, which she captioned, “Meet my future daughter n law @sarahrod777 Yep@Ryan is getting married.” She then added this photo with her bushy-faced son and future daughter-in-law and wrote, “Ryan’s getting married. He better shave!!!!!”

Tamra Judge son Ryan Vieth his fiancee Sarah Rodriguez

So who is Ryan Vieth’s fiance? Her name is Sarah Rodriguez and she, much like her future mother-in-law Tamra, is a drop-dead-gorgeous blonde:

Tamra Judge's son Ryan Vieth's fiancee Sarah Rodriguez photo

Ryan captioned the above photo, posted to instagram on March 12, with “My #wcw @sarahrod777 only took me 28 years to find her 🙂 ”

Also just like her future mother-in-law Tamra, Sarah is not to be messed with! But, instead of glasses of wine and an evil eye, Sarah will defend herself with… machine guns and assault rifles!

Ryan Vieth's fiancee Sarah Rodriguez with a gun works at California Tactical

According to Facebook, Sarah is the manager and co-owner of California Tactical, which describes itself as “a ‘go-to’ source for anyone who is serious about shooting and tactical gear” on their website, “specializing in tactical weapons and equipment for Law Enforcement and the discriminating consumer,” it adds on the store’s Facebook “About” section.

In addition to becoming a mother-in-law soon, Tamra may also soon be a grandmother because it appears that Sarah has three beautiful daughters, ages 4, 9 and 10! Here’s a photo of the four gals heading to the lake last July:

Ryan Vieth's fiancee Sarah Rodriguez 3 daughters

I dunno Ryan… Four women, including one who is extremely familiar with machine guns? Are you sure you know what you’re getting into?!? 😉

Ryan actually broke the engagement news on instagram back on March 23 when he posted this next photo with Sarah and captioned it, “Say hi to my wife to be ♥”

Ryan Vieth engaged to Sarah Rodriguez instagram

I don’t know that Tamra believed it at the time because she responded with the simple comment, “Excuse me ?” Further evidence of Tamra’s disbelief is that Bravo apparently filmed a scene with Ryan, Tamra, Sarah and Tamra’s mom in which Ryan reveals that he is engaged. Check out this series of instagram photos shared by Ryan over the last few days with his captions beneath each:

Bravo filming Tamra Judge's son Ryan Vieth's engagement anouncement for RHOC Season 9
“Filming my girlfriend meeting my family for the first time before I move away.”

Ryan Vieth reveals he's engaged to mom Tamra Judge and his grandma
“My mom and grandma… Just told them @sarahrod777 and I are getting married. ♥”

Ryan Vieth fiancee Sarah Rodriguez filming for Real Housewives of Orange County
“Fu**in love this woman #wifetobe”

Ryan Vieth's fiancee Sarah looking at wedding dresses with Tamra Judge
“Showing my mom wedding dresses.”

As far as Ryan “moving away,” he mentioned that back on March 11 with this next photo that he captioned, “From beach front to mountain front. Starting new:”

He added in the comment section that he was moving to Auburn, California and that “it’s where I’ve been for the last few weekends. It’s a huge change but I like it up there.”

Sarah also commented on the photo, writing, “so excited for our future together 🙂 ”

Congratulations to Ryan and Sarah! We can’t wait to meet her on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange county!

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