PHOTOS Steven Van Zandt and Maureen Van Zandt at ‘Runaways’ NYC premiere

Steven Van Zandt and wife Maureen Van Zandt

Little Steven! Silvio! Sopranos bada$$ and even BIGGER E Street Band bada$$ Steven Van Zandt was Born to Runaways last night in New York City as he and his beautiful wife Maureen Van Zandt came out for the Big Apple premiere of The Runaways held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema.

I can still remember getting my first Springsteen bootleg and having my soul implode as Bruce and Little Steven traded off guitar licks on “Thundercrack” from 1973. Now, before you give me too much credit for being seriously old school, I should mention that my first Springsteen bootleg was a CD. Now, before you give me too little credit for being new school, I got most of my Springsteen bootlegs by mailing off international money orders to strange places in Europe advertising in Goldmine.

Anyway… Love me some Stee-vay! Here’s video of Little Steven and the E Street Band performing with that Bruce guy at the Odeon in 1975. If you give it a couple minutes you’ll get to see SVZ in an old school Jersey Shore pimp suit sharing the mic with The Boss:

I’ve been to a few Bruce shows and my favorite Steven Van Zandt moment was in Charlotte in 2000. Bruce and the boys were tearing up the set they had planned and Bruce and Steven had just finished up their fun duet “Two Hearts” when Steven walked over to change out guitars or something, getting ready for the next song they were supposed to play. The crowd was absolutely wild (more so than usual) and Bruce was feeling it. He walked up to the mic as Steven was looking the other way, “Oh Steeeeeeeevie! I’m gonna surprise ya!”

(Hee hee) Bruce went over and whispered into Steven ear’s and then they shut the crowd up with “Something in the Night.”


What was this post about? Oh yeah! Steven Van Zandt at the New York City premiere of The Runaways! (In case you didn’t know, the film is about the all-chick rock band from the late ’70s that included Joan Jett and Lita Ford. The film stars Kristen Stewart of Twilight Fame and Dakota Fanning.)

Here are some more photos of the Sopranulescent couple featuring Little Steven in his famous doo-rag with a fleur-de-lis graffiti design and jeans, and Maureen Van Zandt in a smokin’ hot little gray skirt, black jacket and lots of not blingy jewelry:

Premiere Of The Runaways - Arrivals
Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

'The Runaways' New York Premiere
Photo: ZumaPress

New York City Premiere of The Runaways
Photo: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

Top Photo: Girlie/Fame Pictures
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