PHOTOS Snooki shows off her new tattoos at 24th birthday party at LAX Nightclub

Snooki arm tattoo photo crown

Snooki celebrated her 24th birthday at the LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas Saturday night and she used the opportunity to show off her elaborate new tattoos on her left shoulder!

In addition to the large crowned pink heart tattoo that the Jersey Shore star revealed back in September Snooki also had a couple shooting stars amidst wavy motion lines added over top.

Snooki's arm tattoo featuring a pink crown heart and bow

And for those of you that care more about checking out Snooki as a whole instead of just her new skin ink, here’s a full-length shot for you:

Snooki's 24th birthday party at the LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas

Top and Bottom Photos: Judy Eddy/
Middle Photo: STARPICZ / Splash News

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