More Snooki without makeup photos


Say what you will about Jersey Shore‘s demonstrative little superstar meatball, but no one can argue that Snooki knows how to give fans what they want – and it was clear after Snooki’s makeup-free photo took the internet by storm last night that what they wanted was more all-natural Snooki!

Normally, fans wanting more all-natural Snooki would probably have resulted in more nude photos and possibly a rather excruciating naked pole dancing video, but in this case it meant more picture of Snooki completely unSnookified!

Photo of Snooki without makeup

Never one to settle for mundane imagery, Snooki pepped up her pictures by threatening her boyfriend Jionni’s favorite plant with a knife. Her accompanying tweets read, “Threatening to kill Jionni’s “plant” that he loves more than me!” and then, “@JLaValle just kidding poop! (not really…)”

So why did Snooki decide to share her de-Jezebeled visage? MTV theorizes that “it’s possible she saw the incredible response to costar Sammi’s beauty makeunder and was curious to hear what people thought of her own natural look. So, give a girl what she wants…”

Whatever the reason, it turned out to be a brilliant move. I commented last time that I thought Snooki looked great without makeup, and these photos only reinforce my opinion. They have me dreaming of romantic nights in Florence, eating pickles and quietly passing out drunk in front of a warm fire. (My only complaint? I’m a huge fan of the duck phone, but the duck lips? Not so much.)

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