New JWoww sonogram photo – baby girl is 11 ounces and camera shy

JWOWW Ultrasound photo

Former Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is currently pregnant with her first child and the just-turned-28-year-old expectant mom posted a sonogram photo on her website Friday after having her 20-week ultrasound! The little meatball is 11 ounces, JMomm revealed on her blog, adding that “she also kept moving around and gave the girl a hard time (sounds like me) lol! My baby was such a pain when it came to trying to get a pic LOL, but hopefully I’ll get a better one in a few weeks!!”

As I mentioned, JWoww just turned 28 (her birthday was on Thursday, February 27) and actually had the ultrasound done on her birthday. “It’s crazy how things have changed and that this was the first birthday that I was spending with my baby girl!” she exclaimed. “The first of many more amazing birthdays and memories we will share together!”

JWoww celebrated her birthday along with friends and family at a Mob Wives themed bash held at Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey. “I actually wanted to have my party here last year and we couldn’t make it happen,” JWoww told MTV News. “So this year, I was like, I don’t care if I’m pregnant. I’m going, drinking lots of water and eating all the cake in the world.”

And there was a LOT of cake to be eaten, thanks to a pregnancy themed cake creation featuring a rather sizable combination of breasts and baby bump:

At the shindig JWoww spoke with OK! about how giving birth has her petrified. “I’m not having an epidural and I’m going all-natural, and then I’ll see a video, and it’ll scare me. One of my girlfriends recently had a C-section, and that’s a different route, too, because you’re not in severe pain and going through labor. You pick out a day to go in and give birth, which is crazy to me. I’m 50/50 at this point. If I go natural, I’m going to try not to have an epidural, or I’m going to give up and make a date. ‘Here’s my day, I’m going to go in and have a C-section.’ [laughs]”

She also talked about her bouts with morning sickness. “When people say that morning sickness is a pain in the a**, they’re not kidding, because I had morning sickness for the first three months, and it is 2,000 times worse than having a hangover,” she said. ”It’s like having a hangover for three months straight!”

And though she wouldn’t give specifics, JWoww even opened up about potential baby names for her and fiance Roger Mathew’s daughter. “We have a list of fifteen. Our friends say ‘when you see her, you’ll know.’ I don’t know if that’s going to be true. [laughs] We have traditional, we have unique, we have family names. Because I’m a Jenni, I don’t want it to be too generic, and popular. I grew up with 4,000 Jennifers. I want her to have her own name that stands out.”

JWoww has been doing a great job of keeping fans updated on her pregnancy progress, and promises another photo and more deets early next week. “I’m so excited for my baby angel and can’t wait to meet her! On Monday, I’m gonna share another picture of my girl and talk about what I’ve learned so far on my pregnancy journey! Stay tuned! XOXO”

We can’t wait!

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