Meet the swinging stars of Showtime’s ‘Polyamory: Married & Dating’

Polyamory Married and Dating cast

UPDATE – We are currently working with the producers of the show to obtain official promotional images and bios. Until then we have removed some of the original content of this article.

Showtime has announced the upcoming premiere date for a new docu-series called Polyamory: Married & Dating. The main players in the program are Kamala Devi, Jennifer Gold, Tahl Gruer, Michael McClure, Lindsey Kate Cristofani, Anthony Cristofani and Vanessa Carlisle.

Via the official website the show is described this way:

This provocative reality series takes an inside look at polyamory: non-monogamous, committed relationships that involve more than two people. Lindsey and Anthony are married, but live in a triad (three-way relationship) with their girlfriend, Vanessa. Husband and wife Michael and Kamala have many lovers, including couple Jen and Tahl. This explicit look at the ins and outs of modern-day polyamory follows characters grappling with the emotional, psychological and sexual drama of sharing their hearts, as well as their beds.

It’s kind of like Sister Wives minus the religion plus a lot of pay TV nudity apparently.

Kamala Devi
Tantra teacher, author and sacred sex coach who specializes in Polyamory. How much can you love? She’s been successfully navigating an open tantric marriage for the last 10 years and currently lives in San Diego with her live in lovers and 5-year-old son.

Michael McClure
Michael is Kamala’s main man but not her only lover by any stretch.

Jennifer Gold
Don’t know much about Jennifer yet other than the fact that she’s in a relationship with Tahl Gruer and Kamala and Michael McClure and, and, and…

Tahl Gruer
Tahl of Polamory Showitime

Tahl has the following quote that reflects his lifestyle choice on his Facebook page:

“A lot of people say no to more love. Why? Well (IMHO) the number one reason is they don’t love themselves. It’s the first place that people say no to more love. After that comes the perception of ownership and control in relationships . The… mentality is my partner is mine, and I don’t have to share . If I share I might lose what I have. Which of course is silly, you can always lose what you have, or what you think you have. People don’t know that though,and they aren’t taught to believe otherwise. It’s ridiculous conventional wisdom that few choose to challenge. Anyway, since that’s true, therefore I am willing to give up getting more love for myself so that I don’t have to share .There is also a perceived idea of lack, that there isn’t enough to go around. The silly idea also persists that there is one true love for everyone… …that’s the short version according to me 🙂 “- Amy Thornton

Lindsey Kate Cristofani
Lindsey is part of a band along with Anthony called The Sacred Dice.

Anthony Cristofani

Vanessa Carlisle
Vanessa Carlisle is an established author. She also runs a blog called gorgeous curiosity which you can check out here.

Polyamory: Married & Dating is set to hit Showtime on Thursday, July 12 at 11:00PM EST.