PHOTOS Lady Gaga is Coke can curler chic!

Lady Gaga with Diet Coke can curlers

Lady Gaga arrived in Sydney, Australia today with Diet Coke can curlers in her hair. In addition to her unique soda popstar headgear, LG was sporting classic Gaga attire with black shades, bright red lipstick, black bra and panties with fishnet stockings, sheer jacket and elevated black lace-up boots. (Why is it I always feel naughty when describing Lady Gaga?)

In the “not naughty” category were a small stuffed Koala bear and a single red rose, which were lovingly toted in her left hand:

Lady Gaga in bra and panties and the usual fishnet stockings

In case the Coke can curlers looked a bit familiar, that’s because she was also wearing them in a prison scene from her most recent music video for “Telephone.” Here’s a still from the video:

Lady Gaga with Diet Coke can curlers from the Telephone music video

My question is: Did she actually get through airport security with those in her hair? (Talk about your coke mule!)

PHOTOS (Minus “Telephone” still): Flynet Pictures
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