PHOTOS Katy Perry goes blonde orange for Donald Trump art unveiling

Katy Perry Shocked

Changing hair colors is nothing new for pop star Katy Perry, so you wouldn’t expect another salon spectrum shift to cause much of a stir. But, in photos of Katy sporting a new blonde look taken this weekend, the familiar icon is almost unrecognizable!

The photos are from the unveiling of pop artist Sham Ibrahim’s portrait of Donald Trump, which was one of the works featured in the “Surviving Trump: The Art of Resistance” show. In most all of the photos from the event, blonde Katy can be seen posing with Sham:

I can’t imagine I’m the only one that noticed Katy’s hair has a slight orange tint — which I’m guessing is in “honor” of the subject of Sham’s latest painting.

Actually, blonde hair tributes are nothing new for Katy Perry. You might recall that she paid homage to Smurfette by lightening her locks for The Smurfs movie premiere back in 2011:

Blonde Katy Perry Smurfette

Although blonde Smurfette Katy is certainly striking, she still looks like Katy Perry to me. I’m thinking that the reason the recent photos stand out so much is that Katy is sporting glasses and a lot less makeup?

Here’s a photo of her working out in glasses, blue hair, and little makeup:

Katy Perry working out

Nope, she still looks like Katy Perry!

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