PHOTOS How Derek Hough takes a work break.

Derek Hough on a work break

For most of us a work break involves avoiding that one guy who wants to talk about the game, then circling around the back halls to the outside of the cubicle-cage so that for 10 minutes the warmth of the sun can help us feel like living again. And then there’s Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough.

These candid pics were taken of dancer Derek as he made a casual stroll to his trailer before rehearsals. He’s totally got that Saturday Night Fever jive walking thing down-pat. During his stroll Hough comes across a couple of babes and is like, “Hey girl. Oh, I didn’t even know I was shirtless and that my toned physique was on full display.”

Something tells me that I should recognize the blonde but I don’t. Feel free to point her out below. Props to Anon for identifying the lady as Derek’s famous sister Julianne. The wrong sibling was topless I say!

I’d like to thank Mr. Hough for giving the rest of us a taste of what a Hollywood work break looks like.