PHOTOS David Hasselhoff performs ‘Gaywatch’ with drag queen lifeguards

David Hasselhoff in Gaywatch on stage at club G-A-Y in London

David Hasselhoff (the younger, leaner, and more handsome version of William Shatner) continued to embrace his campy image Saturday night as he performed on stage at club G-A-Y in London alongside a number of drag queens dressed in trademark red Baywatch swimsuits.

David Hasselhoff makes his entrance on stage at club G-A-Y in London

The Hoff made a grand entrance, walking on stage wearing a Matrix-esque floor-length black leather coat and sunglasses along with three leather jacket clad companions. He paused momentarily, looking like a bad wax statue of himself, before he and his Gaywatch dancers removed their coats and let loose with what had to be one of the most kitschtastice stage performances in the history of mankind!

David Hasselhoff performs at club G-A-Y with Baywatch swimsuit clad drag queens

Hasselhoff even added some accessories to the performance, including a red Baywatch jacket and that lifeguard canister buoy thing:

David Hasselhoff reprises Mitch Buchannon at club G-A-Y in London

And look at those boots!!! Those things put Gene Simmons to shame! And David is dancing his asselhoff in ’em!

David Hasselhoff dancing his asselhoff at club G-A-Y in London

Perhaps even more impressive than seeing those boots is not seeing something else. I’m guessing it’s not very easy to “tuck” when wearing a Baywatch swimsuit, but the only thing phallic I see in this next photo is The Hoff’s microphone:

David Hasselhoff with three Baywatch swimsuit clad drag queens at club G-A-Y in London

David Hasselhoff was actually performing on stage in support of his daughters’ band, Bella Vida, who have just released the new single, “Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang.” Taylor Ann, 21, and Hayley, 18, performed in black lingerie costumes and were joined by their dad on stage.

Sadly, as of the time of this post, we don’t have any photos of the Hoff family together, so, we’ll just take a couple more looks at Mitch Bigcannon along with Pamela Manderson, Yesman Bleeth, and Tracy Banghim…

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David Hasselhoff prior to his club G-A-Y performance

The Hoff singing at club G-A-Y

David Hasselhoff performs on stage at club G-A-Y August 20, 2011


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