PHOTOS David Beckham redefines ‘bend it like Beckham’

David Beckham grabs his penis

There’s bending it like Beckham and then there’s really bending it like Beckham amirite!?!

While David and his wife Victoria were fighting off rumors that she gave birth on the 4th of July, the world-renowned footballer was back in the U.S. and suited up for the Los Angeles Galaxy in a match vs. the Seattle Sounders on our national holiday as Americans celebrated independence from those darn British like, well, David Beckham.

If you were actually living your life over the weekend and missed the story, it was widely reported that Victoria Beckham underwent Caesarean section to give birth to the couple’s 4th child, a daughter, on the 4th. Their spokesman quickly squashed these rumors via Twitter stating:

“Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby is not due today and that was never the case.”

Apparently David and his Lil’ David were able to relax and concentrate on the game as the cameras so pointedly reveal in these photos. Perhaps this was Beckham’s subtle way of giving a trouser-trout out to Mark Chestnut who defended his wiener pounding title by scarfing down 62 hot dogs.

Good luck to the Beckham’s as their daughter is due later this week for delivery. May they experience continued happiness and hey with these pics I think we all know what Victoria’s secret to a good marriage is now.

David Beckham L.A. Galaxy adjustment

Talk about your British menvasions. I think David was giving all of us his own “Declaration of Mendependence” on Mendependence Day. You know what, I just have to zoom in on that one don’t you think?

David shows off his oh face during an LA Galaxy game

The British are coming, the British are coming!

Photos: Splash News

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