PHOTOS Brandi Glanville unrecognizable in RHOBH return

Brandi Glanville face looks different

A woman claiming to be Brandi Glanville returned to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. Well, it was clearly the real Brandi Glanville talking trash about Lisa Rinna with Yolanda Foster, but it was the voice-over interview Brandi that had fans (including myself) doing a doubletake and asking, “Wait, who is that?!”

I’m sure a lot of folks will immediately assume the altered appearance is courtesy of some extreme plastic surgery, but even though Brandi herself has admitted to overdoing it a bit in the injectables department, I’m going to assume this had more to do with Brandi’s makeup and a new hairstyle. I’m not sure how much time elapses between filming the scenes and the voice-overs, but here is Brandi talking with Yolanda looking just like Brandi:

Brandi Glanville Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2016

There aren’t many more familiar with the faces of The Real Housewives than Pretty On the Outside artist David Gilmore, and he was so taken aback (not necessarily in a bad way) by the new Brandi Glanville that he was inspired to do a portrait and share his thoughts on Facebook:

Brandi Glanville Pretty On the Outside

Brandi Glanville returned to The Beverly Hills Housewives this week with a new face, and I approve. I applaud anyone who opts to look like a cartoon character and rejects the notion that a face should move. She appeared on the regular show pretty much how I remembered her, however in her confessional scene, I had to rub my eyes and hit pause on the dvr remote because her voice was coming out of a different face. She was a wash in golden tones and spray tan and her lips had doubled in size……. The right side of her mouth in fact seemed to have been filled up twice. Maybe the med spa ran out of filler when it came time to hit the left side again? But all of it was wonderful. No complaints here. Go golden girl!


“Go golden girl” indeed! Just because Brandi doesn’t look like Brandi doesn’t mean I’m not in love with her poofy-haired Goldfinger meets Barbarella look — especially her 24-karat jumpsuit that let’s us know exactly how cold it is! And balla Brandi finishes off her glamsta look with a huge gold capital “B” necklace pendant. As Austin Powers would say: “Yeah, baby, yeah!”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem Brandi is as big a fan of her look as I am:

In case you missed Brandi’s appearance, here is a clip in which Brandi goes off on Lisa Rinna and claims she wears a wig:

Lisa Rinna later refuted Brandi’s wig claims with a photo in which Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury gives Lisa’s hair a tug:

#wig? I think not @lisarinna

A photo posted by carolinestanbury (@carolinestanbury) on

Brandi Glanville is no stranger to making headlines by changing her appearance. Her red carpet photos from the OK magazine pre-Grammy’s party last month inspired numerous articles and an avalanche of commentary on social media. Here’s a photo:

Brandi Glanville plastic surgery

For comparison, here are some side-by-side photos from the last few years, including the OK red carpet photo and her golden RHOBH Discobarella look:

Brandi Glanville face photos

One thing that never seems to change as far as Brandi’s appearance goes is how she looks in a bikini – which is, and always has been, fandamntastic! Here she is in Miami last month:

Brandi Glanville bikini photo 2016

Although you might not see a lot more of Brandi or Brandi’s golden doppelganger, you can catch more of the rest of the BH OGs with new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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