PHOTOS Blonde Miley Cyrus goes skateboarding

Blonde Miley Cyrus skateboarding with fiance Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus took a brief break from her constant workout sessions at the gym to go on a leisurely stroll with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, in Los Angeles earlier today. But the two young stars decided to forgo the usual, mundane bipedal human mode of transportation in favor of much hipper, and slightly more dangerous, skateboards. Or at least Miley did – lame Liam opted to carry his board, at least while the photographers were snapping pics.

Those marathon gym sessions are really paying off! Miley is ROCKIN those black hot shorts, and she’s lookin’ mighty long and tall without looking unhealthy at all IMHO. Let’s zoom in and take an extended look at that rolling tall drink of water, shall we?

Super skinny Miley Cyrus riding a skateboard

And in case you’re wondering, yes that is blonde hair! Miley recently went lighter and even poked a little fun at herself on Twitter when she made the announcement:

Miley Cyrus tweets a photo of her blonde hair while making an obligatory duck lips face

You might wonder why Miley riding a skateboard would be blogworthy, but I just wanted to show some props to the 19-year-old for not only literally working her ass off in the gym, but also for basically toning things down and being (there’s no easy way to say this) less of a brat. Thanks to her hard work folks like me are gradually losing their insta-winces every time we read her name or see photos of her. Who knows, at this rate I may even give her next album a fair shake 🙂 Plus, I’m a sucker for a gal on a skateboard!

And by the way, Miley seems to be on the hunt for a Chanel skateboard. All I could find was this brief post with a photo – I’m not sure if that’s what Miley is talking about or not.