PHOTOS Battle of the Wits: Paris Hilton vs. a parking meter

Paris Hilton in a battle of wits with a parking meter

Look! It’s a photo of a pole with a slot to put things in and a parking meter!

Paris Hilton is like a $5 guitar – she’s easy to pick on. (I don’t even know what that means)

Just hours after Nathan Lee Parada was arrested for trying to break into her home while wielding a knife, the seemingly undauntable Paris Hilton was out and about walking the streets of Los Angeles today on her way to get a massage.

Her trip was going well until she realized she didn’t have change for the parking meter, which seemed to perplex poor Paris who appears to be calling friends to see if anyone could text her a quarter.

All joking aside, Paris looked her usual fun and sexy self in a turquoise, gold and brown patterned summer dress with matching turquoise jewelry, nude high heels and her iconic over-sized white-rimmed sunglasses:

Paris Hilton in a fun sun dress out in Los Angeles

She also continued her ability to make mountains out of mole hills with what I assume is some sort of bionic super bra:

Did Paris Hilton get breast implants?

Photos: Fame Pictures