PHOTOS America’s Next Top Model legs swap Photoshop FAIL

America's Next Top Model colorform dolls

Last week The CW released promotional photos of the 14 models that will be competing in the new season of America’s Next Top Model set to premiere September 8 at 8/7c. It was clear from the stylized photos that there had been some “alterations” done to the originals, but some observant folks at the RTV Games Forums realized the PhotoShopegery went beyond your regular smoothing and thinning – they actually replaced body parts!

The Photoswapping occurred between the full-length images of Anamaria Mirdita and Jane Randall:

Jane Randall and Anamaria Mirdita from ANTM Cycle 15

At first glance it appears as though their legs are different and merely in the same pose – or at least that’s what I thought. But, when I cut, pasted, rotated and scaled Jane over top of Anamaria it was a PERFECT match. They are definitely the same legs and actually the same skirt! Here is an animated gif that flops back and forth:

Jane Randall and Anamaria Mirdita Photoshop animated gif

Not only did the magicians with America’s Next Top Model saw Anamaria in half, but you also get to see how they smoothed out Jane’s legs removing the definition in her calves and knees.

In case you’re still having doubts, check out this still from a promo video showing the models dressed in what they would wear in their official photo shoots and you can see Jane in her puffy shirt and skirt (the colors were edited) and you can see Anamaria’s floral top. But if you notice, Anamaria is wearing pants!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 promo video still

My guess is that the pants just didn’t photograph well or else just looked silly next to all the other models with bare legs and tights.

Some forum members are also speculating that Chelsey’s dress has been photoshopped onto Chris’s body! I don’t have any way of verifying this one because the poses aren’t the same:

Chelsey and Chris from America's Next Top Model

The dresses do look similar (minus the sleeve lengths, which could have been another PhotoShop trick). And here’s this zoomed in portrait of Chris in which you can see what appears to be Chelsey’s blond ponytail on her left shoulder!

Chris from Americas Next Top Model 15 appears to have Chelsey's shirt PhotoShopped on her

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