PHOTOS Self-confident Amanda Bynes goes wigless and hatless, revealing real hair

Amanda Bynes without a wig real hair

Amanda Bynes continues to get her life back in order after being placed on psychiatric hold and spending more than four months receiving inpatient treatment in Malibu, California. The 27-year-old actress is currently living with her parents and continues to receive outpatient therapy.

Yesterday she was photographed taking a walk with her mom, Lynn Bynes, and dad, Rick Bynes as well as their two dogs, and today Amanda was out walking again with her mother, this time without a hat, revealing her natural, dark hair.

Amanda Bynes real hair

Amanda revealing her actual hair may not seem like that big of a deal, but during her very public meltdown it was obviously an issue for her as she was rarely seen without one of her infamous blonde wigs. So Amanda having the self-confidence to appear in public as herself has got to be a positive sign, right?

Amanda Bynes photo after rehab

In addition to her lack of hat, Amanda was wearing a black sweatshirt, a heavy gold double chain necklace, jeans, pink sneakers, and a pair of her trademark over-sized sunglasses, which apparently weren’t doing a good job because Amanda had to block the sun with her hand in a number of the photos.

We continue to wish Amanda well in her recovery and hope that she is soon able to pursue her dream of attending design school and eventually launching her own fashion line!

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