VIDEO – Watch Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” music video – Plus photos from the Los Angeles shoot

Adam Lambert films a flamboyant video in downtown Los Angeles

Never one to fear superlatives, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert appears to be following up the lamest album cover of the year with the gayest video of all time. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Here are some photos from Glambert’s new video being shot in downtown Los Angeles Sunday, November 15 – click the thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery:

Photos: Fame Pictures

WOW! These people would make the Village People blush! They look like images from the set of Mad Drag Beyond Thunderdome where “Two men enter, no men leave!” (It may appear as though there are two women present, but that’s actually Dwight from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Mary-Kate Olsen.)

Adam Lambert’s eccentric look and personality have had a lot to do with his success so far, but lately he seems to be trying a bit too hard. The music I’ve heard from the new album seems a little boring, so maybe Adam should reel in the “glam shock” visual stuff and focus more on the songs. It doesn’t matter how flamboyant and crazy-fun the video is if the music is lame. (Lady Gaga is a perfect example of someone able to do both.)

There’s no telling how long it will be (That’s what she said!) before we get to see the fruits of Adam’s labors, so in the meantime here is another of the world’s gayest videos featuring a young Ricky Martin:

I have nothing against effeminate Puerto Rican boys making a music video wearing pastel Breakfast Club chic attire – but they had no business bringing American football into it! That’s what soccer is for! (You rarely have to throw a soccer ball.)

Click here to watch Adam Lambert’s “It’s Time For Miracles” video

UPDATE! Here’s another photo from the set of the video. I’m not sure if he’s in the video or if he’s just the guy that brings Adam water:

Adam Lambert, American Idol runner-up, shoots a music video in Downtown Los Angeles with some extras dressed in unusual outfits

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