PHOTO VIDEOS Little Rascals’ Blake McIver Ewing resurfaces on Bravo looking darn sexy

Blake McIver Ewing - Waldo

After winning Junior Star Search at the ripe ol’ age of six, Blake McIver Ewing went on to notable roles as Waldo in The Little Rascals and Derek in Full House. (Who could forget the time he beat out Michelle for a spot as Yankee Doodle?)

By the mid-1990s, Blake transitioned to more voice acting roles, including jobs with Tarzan, Recess and Hey Arnold!. Then he seemed to disappear from the entertainment scene around his 18th birthday…

One decade later, Blake’s back on TV — and seems to have completely shed his “geeky” childhood look. (Although it’s good to see he still have perfectly coiffed hair!)

Blake McIver Ewing Now - People's Couch

Blake was participating in Bravo’s The People’s Couch along with his two best friends. In addition to giving us a visual update on Blake, Bravo said the 28-year-old is a working musician…

Blake is using his “Yankee Doodle Dandy” pipes as an R&B singer-songwriter. That is when he’s not snarking on TV shows with his two BFFs Scott Nevins and Emerson Collins. The trio loves to give a hilarious running commentary on their favorite, and not so favorite, shows. As they put it, that makes the good ones better and the bad ones even more amazing — even if it sometimes takes them all night to get through one program.

And here’s a glimpse of Blake putting those singer/songwriter skills to use with “It Gets Better,” which he wrote in 2011 to help bullied LGBT youth.

The People’s Couch airs on Bravo on Sunday nights at 11:30/10:30c.

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