PHOTO, VIDEO Nicki Minaj throws serious shade at Kylie and Tyga, gets backed up by Tokyo Toni

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The video for Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s collaboration “Feeling Myself” is now streaming over at Tidal. You’ll have to sign up for the oft-criticized service if you want to watch the romp in full; the teaser, though, is pretty silly and fun:



And, indeed, the video is hugely popular at the moment–it’s been viewed over a million times already, and is one of the top trending topics over on Twitter.

But it’s what Nicki is wearing in one particular scene that’s drawing the most praise and criticism. Check out her “Pervert 17” jersey:




That’s “17 Pervert” as in “She’s 17, pervert.” Sure, it’s a Givenchy product, and easily available. But it’s not the only top Nicki owns, either. If you’re looking for some shade, it’ll do the trick.

(It’s also worth pointing out that Nicki uploaded a high-quality screenshot of the video still to her own Instagram page about an hour ago. Is it to further provoke Kylie, or to fuel the fires of speculation?)

So Nicki hasn’t actually said any words–she’s let one powerful image make her statement for her. At the other end of the spectrum, we have Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, who’s been in the headlines recently for her relentless anti-Jenner crusade. Toni–whose real name is Shalana Hunter–does not approve of Tyga’s relationship with Kylie one bit, and has likewise called him a pervert.

Noted feud site The Shade Room caught some comments Toni made on Instagram in response to a Kylie-Tyga hater. (Note that the exclamation points–and exaggerated presentation–are all hers):


Nicki said it!!!…Period!!! And think it’s Okay to make a baby and walk!!!!!! KEEPIN WALKING WE GOT KINGY!!! Trust


Devotees will recall that Tyga just spent the weekend being a pretty solid dad–he took his son over to Chris Brown’s house for a playdate with Brown’s daughter, and nobody got hurt.

Tyga had already called for Toni to apologize for her name-calling ways…but that was before this latest flare-up. It seems somewhat less likely to happen now.


(Photo credits: Splash; NM via Instagram; screencap via Tidal)

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