PHOTOS Superdad Jimmy Fallon carrying daughter Winnie Rose and a briefcase in NYC

Jimmy Fallon carrying daughter Winnie Rose and a briefecase

Jimmy Fallon looked to be filming the movie Superdad as he was photographed leaving his Manhattan apartment earlier today with newborn daughter Winnie Rose in one hand and a briefcase in the other! Little Winnie was decked out in a white and pink animal print blanket and seemed unafraid of the attention as she appeared to wave at the tot-arazzi snapping the picture.

Fallon shocked fans when he made the birth announcement just after Winnie was born on July 23 because he and wife Nancy had somehow managed to keep the pregnancy a complete secret. The 38-year-old talk show host opened his monologue the following day by saying, “It’s been a crazy couple days, well actually, just one day. It was just yesterday. It feels like I’ve had a four-day conference. It’s very taxing on the fathers. I don’t know how it is for the mothers, but very taxing.” He then added, “I’m emotionally drained. I’m a father of a beautiful baby girl. She’s so cute. Her name is Winnie Rose Fallon and she’s so cute. She’s 5 lbs, 9 oz.”

Here’s a better look at Winnie Rose:

Jimmy Fallon's daughter Winnie Rose photo


Congratulations again to Jimmy and Nancy! And if anyone is trying to figure out what to get Jimmy for his birthday next month, may I suggest a baby carrier?

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