PHOTO Selena Gomez takes a bikini break while filming Spring Breakers

Selena Gomez takes a break while filming Spring Breakers

While her man, we can say that now because he’s 18, Justin Bieber has been out in Malibu multi-million-dollar house hunting, Selena Gomez has been in Florida on the set of the film Spring Breakers.

The 19-year-old star, who actually was out on the west coast to celebrate the Biebs’ birthday over the weekend, was back in the east coast sunshine state and was kind enough to share what a little bit of her down time looks like in a little bitty bikini. From what I see, her down time looks a heck of a lot better than mine!

She captioned the image simply with, “Need sun!” It reminded me of the old standard song “That Lucky Old Sun…”

“But the lucky old sun ain’t got nothing to do but to roll around Heaven all day (and softly bake Selena’s bikini bod).”

The film Spring Breakers also features Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and James Franco. Here’s the storyline for the film according to IMDB:

Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith have been best friends since grade school. They live together in a boring college dorm and are hungry for adventure. All they have to do is save enough money for spring break to get their shot at having some real fun. A serendipitous encounter with rapper “Alien” promises to provide the girls with all the thrill and excitement they could hope for. With the encouragement of their new friend, it soon becomes unclear how far the girls are willing to go to experience a spring break they will never forget.

That sounds similar to the plot summary of quite a few of those after midnight Cinemax films. But hey, if it managed to get Selena to go bikini for the big screen I ain’t complaining. I guess It’s time for Selena and myself to put down our ice cold drinks and get back to work!