PHOTOS: Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume launch was crazy! She got a cherub tattooed on her head, peed in a champagne bucket, and more!

Lady Gaga launched her “Fame” fragrance last night, and she put on quite the performance!

The perfume itself is odd: it’s the first ever black fragrance, and it’s got blood, semen, and poison in it.

But that’s another story. Here’s the performance art that went down last night:

Gaga arrived at The Guggenheim riding on top of a vintage black Cadillac, with her new brown hair poofed up Snooki-style, and a regal gold headpiece. Guests were escorted through topless men wearing harnesses to see Lady Gaga “asleep,” wrapped in fur stoles and wearing a red wig atop a replica of her perfume bottle. They were instructed to touch her hand, but to asked not to wake her.

At 9 p.m. cinamatographer Steven Klein presented a short film “Fame” which is supposed to have cost at least a $1 million to make:

Lady Gaga got a tattoo of a cherub live in front of her audience after she awoke. She had shaved half of her hair (as a tribute to Terry Richardson’s mother,) and that’s where she got inked. After she awoke, David Bowie’s “Fame” started playing while she brushed her hair, and gave the area for the tattoo a fresh shave. She also touched up her makeup, sprayed on perfume, and then, according to Bennett Marcus of Vanity Fair: “At one point, she crouched for awhile—it was hard to tell exactly what she was doing, but the general consensus was that she peed into a champagne bucket.”

Final result:
Lady Gaga Fame perfume live tattoo

Lots of the fashion elite were in attendance, probably happy to be watching Lady Gaga get tattooed instead of worrying about their collections; and of course, tons of famous people from Yoko Ono (who got to look on from above) to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Most of the guests were give short notice that the event was black-tie masquerade, and they had to scrounge to make sure they were wearing “mask, hat, tiara, crown or lobster.”

Steven Klein told the audience:

“Everybody wants a piece of fame. It’s simple. Everybody wants a piece of fame, so it’s like, in the end, what do they really want? They don’t really know. But unless they touch her, they’re not really satisfied.”

Does anyone know how this actually smells? Post below if you do!

Details via Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and The Daily Mail