PHOTO Grand Entrance FAIL

Grand Entrance FAIL from the UK Ndoro Children's Charities gala fundraiser at the Dorchester in London

Nothing like sorting through photos of elegant ladies and handsome gentlemen looking their best at a formal event and running across something like this! This was from the UK Ndoro Children’s Charities gala fundraiser at the Dorchester in London a couple weeks ago. Adding insult to injury, Flynet Pictures didn’t even have a name for this stylish duchess of delicious! I think I will call her … Folly Parton.

I’m not sure what I like best about Folly. Is it her utterly charming gracelessness or her alluring disorientation? Actually, both could be attributed to some form of intoxication – so I’ll just go with that.

Hmmm … After staring at the photo more (I can’t seem to turn away) I’m beginning to think this might be Kim Zolciak’s mom! Can anyone confirm?

Photo: Matrix / Flynet Pictures

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