PHOTO Dwayne Johnson packs fanny pack heat for rocking #tbt

Hercules Fanny Pack

Whatcha got behind that there fanny pack Dwayne!?!

This glorious ode to the ’90s in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surfaced yesterday via Reddit and it’s everything that the essence of Throwback Thursday wants to be. There’s a baggy turtle neck tucked into high riding jeans, a big ol’ necklace with matching bracelet and watch, a Kid ‘N Play-inspired high fade haircut, a hint of an earring and…


This photo of the Hercules star is from 1997 to be exact and its virability wasn’t lost on the megastar who isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. He caught wind of the leather satchel seduction and shared it via his own Twitter writing, “Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level.”

Yes. It. Does.

Just in case you aren’t smelling what the F.P. is cooking – let’s get some zoom on that fashion doom:


Those are some well manicured nails caressing that rich Corinthian leather Rock! Looks like he’s got some shades that must have been tucked into his jeans pocket as well.

While the fanny pack is the unquestioned star here – I was also drawn to the importance Dwayne placed on keeping his jam fresh and clean. Did you catch it?


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