PHOTO Bret Michaels hospitalized for sixth time in two weeks after ignoring doctor’s orders by performing

Bret Michaels Hospitalized

Bret Michaels took the phrase “the show must go on” a bit too seriously last week and wound up back in the hospital because of it.

In a guest post on Bret’s website, friend/guitarist Pete Evick explained the Poison singer had to have surgery on his kidneys last week because of complications caused by his diabetes. Afterward, the singer was eager to get back to performing…

“In typical Bret fashion, the fans come first and this event in Champaign was a charity event, which made Bret to want to make the show even more. So against medical direction he tried. On the way there he was forced to stop and seek more medical attention. Again, doctors advised him not to perform,” Pete said of Bret, 51. “At this point he had no choice as he simply couldn’t get from where he was to the event in time. Against his own wishes we were forced to postpone the show until Sunday.”

Bret Michaels in Hospital November 2014

During that stay in the hospital, Pete said Bret had to have two stents put in, but “managed to bust out of the hospital and get to Memphis just minutes before our scheduled performance.” Then, even though he was in pain, “Bret hit the stage and the show went off flawlessly.” Unfortunately, Bret paid the price for it later…

“This time it went real bad. During the show he gave 100 percent, but he hurt himself. Jumping around with two stents was a bad idea. I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after the show,” Pete said. “Bret was again taken to a hospital and this time given medication that would keep him down. The doctors basically refused to release him.”

Bret is now out of the hospital. Although Pete said he’s “still now 100 percent,” Bret doesn’t plan to cancel or reschedule any more shows this year… In fact, he just announced new concert dates. The thing is, while you’ve got to commend Bret Michaels for his commitment to fans, the best thing he can ultimately do is focus on getting better.

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