VIDEO Viral Beaverton City Hall twerkers inspire ‘Beavers’ short film

Beavers movie based on Beaverton Oregon City Hall twerkers

It’s been exactly one year since three young ladies from Oregon went viral after they were seen twerking outside of Beaverton City Hall (and peeing in the parking lot) before then being pulled over by police with drugs in their possession and being arrested. Filmmaker Joe Hackman was particularly moved by this Twerkspearian tragedy and he was inspired to create a ten-minute short film inspired by their ordeal simply titled Beavers.

I know what you probably expect, and let me tell you… Yep, you’re right. There’s a car ride with typical 20-year-old gal pal talk (including discussion about a friend trying to get pregnant and how she’s still young enough to make it on 16 and Pregnant), a little bit of drug use, then a court scene, then a whole lot of twerking and a little bit of peeing, a little bit more drug use, and then panic when the party gets pulled over in the car ride after.

I should warn you the twerking and peeing is a bit graphic, and there are bare buns for a split second.

Unfortunately, there is no Academy Award for gratuitous twerking. Yet.

So what about the actual twerkin’ girls from Beaverton? To refresh your memory, here are their now infamous mug shot photos from their arrest:

Beaverton Oregon girls arrested after twerking outside City Hall

Brittany Medak recognized the historic anniversary date on Twitter:

Christie Valazquez Coura retweeted the movie and jokingly asked about the whereabouts of her money for inspiring the film:

And just because it’s a little bit twerk-related, Christie shared this bit if intimate TMI:

Yes Christie, sometimes you do.

Leokham Yothsombath has remained silent about the anniversary on social media.

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