NEW FOOTAGE of Ezra Miller threatening to knock out a fan who just wanted a photo

Actor Ezra Miller is still dodging a protective order connected to alleged child grooming as evidence of other strange behavior mounts. He was also arrested twice in Hawaii earlier this year: one time for assault and another time for disorderly conduct. Two years ago they were recorded choking a woman who had been joking around with them. Now, another fan has published a bizarre interaction they had with the actor in 2020 when Ezra threatened to knock him out.

Sunday TikToker @peterknight2800 shared an encounter he had with Ezra a couple of years ago. The user said they had asked Ezra for a photo when they saw them while working grocery store.

In the comments, @peterknight2800 elaborates that he had just told Ezra that he was nervous to meet them before Ezra deadpans to the camera” “I can always just knock you out and then you won’t have to panic.”


I just wanted a picture dawg #theflash #fyp #reverseflash #cwflashisbetter #ezramiller

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“Okay, you’re just going to knock people out?” @peterknight2800 responds.

“You just let me know,” Ezra stoically replies.

“What?” he replies.

@peterknight2800 captioned the odd exchange with “I just wanted a picture dawg!”

Of course, The Flash actor could have just been joking, but given the highjinks he’s been capable of, this interchange is pretty eerie.

Photo via @peterknight2800 on TikTok

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