VIDEO Ezra Miller choked a woman in Iceland two years ago

Actor Ezra Miller has made headlines this year for violent and bizarre behavior. Authorities are currently trying to locate them to serve them with a protective order based on allegations of grooming a minor, and they were arrested twice earlier this year in Hawaii. This behavior isn’t new, though. Two years ago Ezra was caught on video choking a woman in Iceland.

In the video, which was filmed in April 2020, Ezra puts their hands on the throat of a fan and slams her to the ground outside of the Prikið Kaffihús pub in Reykjavik, Iceland. They tell her “Do you want to fight? Is that what you do?”

Variety spoke to the woman about the incident, and has now printed what she had to say about the incident.

According to three different sources prior to the incident, Ezra had been speaking to the woman inside the pub. She was asking about wounds on their feet, which she could see because they were wearing flipflops. Ezra told her they had gotten the injuries from a fight.

“But just so you know, I could take you in a fight,” the woman reportedly told the actor as she walked away. Ezra asked her if she really wanted to fight, and they agreed to meet in the smoking section outside. However, she told Variety that she thought it was all a joke.

“I think it’s just fun and games — but then it wasn’t,” she said.

Carlos Reynir, a bartender at Prikið Kaffihús, says that this was the second time he had to intervene between Ezra Miller and a pud patron. Ezra had previously gotten into some banter with a male customer. The banter soon turned violent, however, when Ezra put the guy in a chokehold and then slapped him. Ezra later apologized and the person they attacked said it had just been a joke. Ezra soon struck again with the woman patron, establishing a pattern of violence.

At the time Ezra was in Iceland filming Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, and had become a regular at the pub. Many of the fellow pub-goers recognized them from their previous movies and struck up friendships with them. Unfortunately for two of the patrons, their banter with Ezra escalated into physical violence.

Photo: Landmark-Media

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