New Favorite Comment!

As was expected, our recent “New York Post Monkey Cartoon Part 2” post generated a number of responses on the various social networking sites (and ours), but one comment in particular from digg made me lose my Ginger-O cookie when I read it. Unlike the other comments, which mostly addressed the racism issue surrounding the cartoon, this one was a direct assault on everything starcasm stands for!

But, before I reveal the new number one, I should give props to the former champion. This comment was in response to my very early “Hairy Potter’s Hairy Peter” post (from back when starcasm was still a stick-figure-only site) in which I used the fact that Daniel Radcliff (who plays Harry Potter) appeared naked on stage in the Broadway production of Equus as an excuse to cram as many phallic references as possible into a single paragraph. The post was referenced on a Daniel Radcliff message board (I tried to find out exactly what was said about it, but they had a VERY complicated application process designed to keep folks like me out) and starcasm had an influx of angry Daniel Radcliff readers, one of which had this to say:

“Does your mom know you’re playing on the computer?”
(Dawn October 29th, 2008 at 6:33 pm)

Touché! But, merely insulting my maturity level can’t hang with this thumbs down vote on digg by user 33iLL (the remark seemed even more potent sandwiched between “racism or not racism” comments):

“Try not drawing on lined paper next time. Amateur at best.”

OOF! That forced me to stare directly into my own heart of darkness! “Amateur at best.” AT BEST! Realizing that the sky is not the limit is a humbling moment for anyone, and as a result I flirted with the idea of retiring from blogging, or perhaps investing in some typing paper. But, I’ve decided that if rarely attaining the level of amateur is good enough for Chuck Norris, then it’s good enough for me! Make way for Walker Text Arranger! (ugh) Besides, maintaining an “amateur” status means starcasm can compete in the Olympics! (There is a blogging Olympics, right?)

Anyway – thanks for all of your comments! (33iLL – you owe me a Ginger-O!)

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