The Dark Side of Beauty Pageants

While doing research on my Tami Farrell post I inevitably ran across a number of beauty pageant web sites and forums. I’ve seen the reality shows on TV so I understand that the pageant lifestyle is an entirely different reality than the one most of us live in, but I was still completely unprepared for what I saw on some of these sites.

****I won’t go on at length about whether or not this is a healthy thing for young girls, and I will try to rein in the snark because these are real live little girls. (At least I think they are)****

This image is the first one I ran across that snapped me right out of Tami Farrell obsession mode. The colors are startling to say the least – I won’t even go into the costumes – but what really had my brain and soul ill-at-ease is the artificiality of the top right photo. Is there a “Bratz Doll” setting in Photoshop?

The alternate reality of beauty pageant advertising

Little did I realize that the Bratz Dollitization of young pageant entrants is the status quo. I saw listings for “Porcelain Doll Pageants” and hundreds of these creepy Photoshopped images that attempt (successfully I might add) to suck all the humanity out of these little girls. (If you can take seeing a larger version, just click on the image)

Beauty pageant contestants or doll collection?

I’m gonna take this opportunity to out myself as a straight male celebrity gossip blogger, only because I fear that might be why this freaks me out. (Not because I’m a celebrity gossip blogger, but the other stuff) I’m not sure if I hope that’s why or not.

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